Wednesday, 29 July 2015

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TV series update

Tv series are even hotter than movies for the last few years. So which ones are you watching? I didn't have time to watch a lot of new series this past year but I hear some really great stuff about tv shows like Empire. Do you watch it? Would you recommend it?

However! I did watch all seasons of one of my favorite tv series LOST this year. I honestly loved it even more than the first time (if this is even possible?)! When show was playing on tv all these years ago I was more jumpy and passionate in some ways but now I had a different perspective and understanding. Probably also because I was watching episodes one after another and get to know characters even better. Remains one of my favorite tv series without a doubt. To that list I can also put: Friends, Breaking Bad, Dexter and Prison Break.

My favorite show that is still 'alive' is... Sherlock! Looooving every minute of it. Great story, scenes, dialogues, style, acting, locations... perfection! Not to mention Benedict and Martin are awesome!

Fargo first season was really good and I'm excited for season 2!

The biggest shock and disappointment was of course that BBC canceled Top Gear. I miss Richard Hammond, James May and even Jeremy Clarkson! Hope they'll come back. I don't care on what channel. But I wish they had a proper goodbye after all these years on BBC...

Then I watch bunch of series that are still ok and solid to watch. I'm not as thrilled or enthusiastic as I was but they are cool:
- 2 Broke Girls,
- Castle,
- Vikings,
- Person of Interest,

- Modern Family,
- Nashville,
- Switched at Birth,
and Game of Thrones.

And Gotham is nice too. Young actors like Robin Lord Taylor, Camren Bicondova and Cory Michael Smith are so good to watch!

I still enjoy watching Hell's Kitchen and American Ninja Warrior! Oh, and Australia's Next Top Model is still the best top model show in my opinion! Love it!

Than I have a few series that I'm not sure why I'm still watching them? They really lost focus and driven away but they all have one reason why I keep on watching them.
- Arrow: Felicity Smoak character!
- Pretty Little Liars: I love all 4 girls so much I can't stop watching it even though I lost my interest in the story.
- The Vampire Diaries: Caroline character played by Candice Accola <3 And Ian and Paul are still fine too.

I'm actually glad Revenge ended. I loved Nolan Ross character but the show really lost its grip...

On the other hand I miss White Collar that ended last year. I also think it was time but the cast was just so amazing...

I also stopped watching a few shows. Right now I can think of two. Homeland and Girls. Homeland is just not the same without Damian Lewis and Girls were never that special if you ask me so after 3rd season I just stopped.

Sometimes you start watch a series but something just don't click. Maybe it's the timing maybe you're just not in the right mood but you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the season. This happend to me with series House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. I'm sure they are good but... they are still wating for me to see them :)

What old and new series are you watching? What kind of tv series do you miss? Which are your favorites of all time? Are you already excited for new ones that will air in Autumn? Feel free to comment and expres your opinion.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

First half of the year

Back? Back. Baaack! (Yes, you see correct:))

Like Schwarzi, I'm back! This time I hope for real. I can't believe it's been so long! The first part of the year is... poof! Gone. Disappeared. And I'm like: ''Whaaat? When?'' Crazy how time flies. CRAZY! :) Nevertheless, last month I received some sweet emails and they also motivated me to start writing this blog again. Of course it was always in the back of mind and I miss(ed) it and wanted it... I'm not saying I'll be posting everyday but on regular basis for sure. I miss sharing my enthusiasm with you! :)

This first year was definitely crazy busy but of course I had amazing time as well! If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter I'm sure you know these things, if not here is all in one :)

- In February me and my better half went on Queen + Adam Lambert concert in M√ľnchen! If you know me than you already hear my scream and high peach voice! I love Queen band and I love Adam so I was just over the moon to hear them both. Adam has the best live vocals I have ever heard and to see and hear Brian May was just f... amazing! And the whole show, the stage, tributes and memorials to Freddie Mercury, the unreal light(show)... Nothing like I've ever seen. Incredible! So happy and grateful for this evening!


And yes, Brian made me cry like a baby...

At the moment I'm (quite) obsessed with Snow Patrol. I listened to them before but never that much. Can't wait to see them live. Hopefully soon!

- I got my first glasses for driving. Still feels weird. But I see better :)

- Because of work I don't have time for regular manicures. At first it felt so oddly and my friends thought there is something seriously wrong with me. Ha! Can you believe that unpainted nails were the indicator for them and that they actually thought that something must be wrong :)

- Our friends got hitched and we both had same role. My love was the best man and I was the maid of honor. How cool is that? And like at last year's weeding - it was unconventional. Loved it!

- No need to say I still love tv series and movies. Yes, I wish I was at Comic-Con in San Diego right now. I will make post about films and tv shows for sure. More than one :) Gosh, I'm still sad about Top Gear :'(

- Food. This past weekend we discovered a great fish restaurant. Omnomnom. Of course I had to publish a review on Tripadvisor - click.

- Exercise. It's a must because I feel like crap if I don't do anything at all! I'm not as good as last year but I'm trying under the circumstances...

- Animals. I miss more interaction with animals...

- Nature. Medicine for my soul! Just give me sea, forests and stars and life is good again! Maybe a change from digital world would be good for me. For my eyes for sure...

This is all I can think of right now. Well not all but I could write for two more hours :)

I'm looking forward to hear from you. How are you? What's new? Hope you're good and happy and enjoying summer! Thanks for reading and bye for now ;)