Monday, 5 March 2018

Oscar 2018 winners, show highlights and recap

We have winners of The 90th Academy Awards. Click HERE.

If you didn't watch it, honestly you didn't miss much. It was ok but nothing more.

Not to brag but I predict most of the winners. The Shape of water winning for best movie was not a suprprise (it would be my second pick). I don't think it was the best film in 2018 but I'm happy for Guillermo del Toro. Even happier for Dunkirk, Gary Oldman (finally!) and Allison Janney.

Jimmy Kimmel is a great host and I like him very much. I think he did a great job once again but overall last year was way more fun (not because of the mix up at the end btw).

Here is the opening monologue.

THE SHOW: the good
I was most impressed by the stage and all the decore. Spectacular. Beautiful. Just amazing to look at. Every. Single. Time.

The film mixes were so awesome. They make me love films even more.

BB8 and Star Wars team are always lovely to see.

I get it. It can be even annoying how awsome Meryl Streep is. But she is.

THE SHOW: the bad
The show was a bit boring to be honest. I didn't like the ski jet thing and the visit to movie theater was a bit awkward. Waving hands are fun though.

Give oscars winners some podium/counter to lay down the oscar. I mean. You give out the most prestigious film award and then winners just put it on the floor. Fail.

No surprises. I think all presenters were already known before so there was nothing really 'waw' about it. As a movie fan of course I feel the need to watch it nevertheless.

Allison Janney made me laugh: “I did it all by myself.

Frances McDormand can be a bit scary but her speech was powerful and direct.

Guillermo del Toro.

Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph were so cool. I agree, they could host next year.

Same Sandra Bullock. Love her.

Also nice: Lupita Nyong'o and Kumail Nanjiani.

Keala Settle singing This is me.

How did you like the show? Red carpet coming up!

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