Wednesday, 12 August 2015

28 things I love

The older I get, more things I love <3 That is the right attitude right?

You already know some general things, for example that I love bunch of movies, tv shows, wolves and dogs (animals in general), nature and music but here is a little more information and details. Ready? Go!

 1. Snow Patrol. Current mood: obsessed! My favorite songs right now are: Lifening, New York (with Ed Sheeran), Take Back the City, Make This Go On Forever, Set The Fire To the Third Bar, etc. + Chasing Cars and Run are on my playlists since forever...

 2. Quiet moments before we go to sleep. Especially now in summer time with open window and gentle breeze... aaaah.

 3. Colours before the storm - mix of grey, blue and green is so epic!

 4. Writing with pen(cil) or typing. I'm still not a fan of touch screens and send less sms than before.

 5. Yummy food. I mean, who doesn't?

 6. Quotes. Since forever and always. And good scripts and lyrics.

 7. Spontaneous moments and decisions.

 8. When I burst into laughter. You know the honest, big ones.

 9. Dragons. Don't you dare to tell me that they don't exist! :)

10. Drinking water. There is not a beverage in the world that could taste better. Just the best!

11. Fresh air. Sounds so obvious but it's so underrated.

12. Little gesture of kindness from people who love me (that aren't little at all) and also from complete strangers.

13. Stone houses in the middle of nowhere.

14. Dr. Seuss art, books, quotes, psychology.

15. Yankee wax tarts. They smell so good.

16. Natural make up.

17. Anything with banana.

18. Black and white style.

19. When I can forget everything and just be in the moment - without taking pictures and thinking of work, etc. In this crazy world those are rare mometns.

20. Pies. You can't go wrong with good homemade pie!

21. Massage. My back, my neck, my legs, my arms... my whole body is addicted to massage.

22. Genuine people - weird, interesting, doesn't matter if I like what they like but you see they live life by their rules and have a unique style and can think for themselves.

23. Sleeeeping (zzZZZzzzzZZz)

24. Traveling and seeing new places. Ahhh.

25. Grabbing/touching soil/rocks/trees/etc. I don't know why? Maybe I feel more connected to Mother Earth that way?

26. Sunrises and sunsets.

27. Creative stuff - cut, stick, colour, paint.

28. Feeling after a hard workout.

Thank you for reading! Hope you're having a great summer!

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  1. Kar podobno mojim najljubšim..dodala bi še hribe in gore <3 no pa verjetno še kaj..lepo te je ponovno prebirati :)