Thursday, 2 October 2014

Essence 24h hand protection balm

Every year Essence has a special Autumn/Winter trend collection of hand balms. This year is no different! This year the special edition is dedicated to cake pops! You can choose between three fragrances vanilla & cinnamon, cherry & coconut and cookies & almond.

To be honest. In the past I wasn't a fan of some fragrance combinations like tangerine or chocolate ones (last year). Of course they smell good but I want to eat some things, not put it on my skin! I found that scents this year are not so aggressive, which I love! But don't get me wrong. All three creams still smell delicious!

Vanilla & Cinnamon: what a great combo! You know you can't go wrong with that scent. My favorite. Classic.

Cherry & Coconut: positive surprise! It's fruity scent but very likable and not over the top fruity.

Cookies & Almond: not your typical ''I want to eat it'' scent, a bit different (in good way) and perfect for times when you don't want to stand out too much.

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