Monday, 30 May 2016

Monday inspiration: quotes

Quotes always were a big part of my life. When I was younger I read them and copy them from different books to my quoets notebook, marked the ones that I found most interesting and relatable... And you notice that your thinking chaneges also through quotes. I enjoying reading them so much!

Of course for some time now, I don't search for quotes only in books but on web. I don't have time to look for them everyday but I most definitely read at least a few a day. Some make me think, other inspire me, some just make me laugh... But since I'm reading them for so long sometimes I'm like: ''I read that one like a million times already. Give me something new!'' While some I see regularly but I don't mind. Depends on the quote I guess. I need daily intake of good quotes like vitamin C!

And I have periodes when I'm obessed with this one author (e.g. Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss, etc.) and have so many of his quotes in my quotes folder :) At the moment this is Charles Bukowski. I feel him so much! The critical points regarding this world, our society, the writing... we would get along.


But not all quotes must be serious. A lot of cool ones I find in movies and tv series. Since me and my love are rewatching Friends again, one of my favorite at the moment is this one with Moo point. Funny and has a point! Also practical in everyday life when someone is giving you a hard time! ;)

The good thing about quotes is there are so many! Have some fun and find the ones that lifts you up!

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