Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Oscars 2017 Recap and Top 10 moments

My thoughts on the 89th Academy Awards show and top 10 moments.

I will get to the point right away.

- Jimmy Kimmel as a host: I like his humor and energy but maybe a tweet to the new president was a bit too much? :)
- beautiful stage decore
- clips about why actors love movies were nice

- Is it so hard to do one mix of last year's movies? I really miss that.
- Why can Viola have such a long speach while some are literally rushed off stage?
- Now Oscars are not all white but they are black and white right? They became too political for me. Next year the best would be to nominate one white actress, one black, one latina, one asian or? Come on! I thought it's about performances! 

1. Jimmy Kimmel did a great job.Watch his opening monologue here. Of course he was political but I think it was just the right amount of it.

2. Spontaneous standing ovation for Meryl Streep was so nice <3

3. Justin Timberlake started the night off right with his Can't Stop the Feeling, John Legend and Sting were also good but my favourite were Lin-Manuel Miranda and Auli'l Cravahlo perform How Far I'll Go from Moana. Amazing performance!

I also loved magical stage during La La Land songs City of Stars and Audition. You can see John Legend's performance here.

4. Candy falling from the 'sky'. Yes please. And it happened more than once!

5. Michael J. Fox and Back to the Future superfan Seth Rogen, who was wearing laceless Nikes, presented Best Film Editing after a clip where Rogen exalts his favorite childhood movie. The two arrived in a DeLorean. How cool is that?

6. We also got mean tweets Oscars edition! :)

7. Surprise for people on bus tour was nice. I would be in a shock also!


8. My favourite presenting duo were Jason Bateman and Kate McKinnon. Mark Rylance was great too.

9. As is tradition, those who passed away last year were honored. Sara Bareilles performed In Memoriam beautifly. But... there was a mistake in the video! They showed Australian producer who is alive! Read more about it here.

10. And the biggest fail, sorry, Oscar for Best Picture goes to... La La Land! Oh no, wait... Moonlight! In a stunning scene, the wrong Best Picture winner was announced by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway onstage. La La Land crew accepted the award, was in the middle of their speech and then a crewmember came onstage to say the wrong winner was announced. Moonlight actually won. Surprise it was. Double actually. Yes it can happend. Even at Oscars. I'm just a bit sad there is so much talk about that and not other things/winners.

My favourite winner was Emma Stone and this hug was so nice. I commented on movies already here. I manage to see all films in biggest categories, yey!

I enjoyed the show! Bravo Jimmy! Did you also kind of loved Nicole Kidman's clapping? ;)

Coming up: best of the red carpet (and later Vanity Fair party).

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