Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekly health tip: Learn to relax!

This week my health tip is just to relax! General relaxation must play a part in each day in order live a comfortable and healthy life.

We all live a fast paced life full of stress and sadly it even came to the point where we don't know how to relax anymore. I know from my experience that I've become so occupied with work that even in my free time I just couldn't relax and it's still a challenge sometimes. But to have time for yourself and just switch off everything is oh so important!

Relaxing frequently is important because you de-stress, rejuvenate, it boosts your memory, you find new ideas and get creative, it helps you make better decisions, you evaluate things and take time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished already! Also relaxing lowers your risk of catching a cold, lowers your stroke risk, keeps you safe from depression, eases acne and keep you in the mood.

There are many ways to manage stress, such as yoga, hypnosis, guided relaxation, hypnotherapy, breathing exercises or just go for a walk and clean your head or sit in peace doing nothing.

Find time for your toughts (even for 10 minutes a day) and just relax!

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