Saturday, 14 June 2014

World Blood Donor Day

Hi guys! Today is World Blood Donor Day!

Since 2004, every year on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD). The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their voluntary life-saving gifts of blood.

The focus of this year's World Blood Donor Day campaign is "Safe blood for saving mothers". Every day, about 800 women die from pregnancy or childbirth-related complications. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness about why timely access to safe blood and blood products is essential for all countries as part of a comprehensive approach to prevent maternal deaths. More here.

I'm happy and proud to say that since yesterday I'm a donor too! I wanted to donate blood for some time now but always delay with it or couldn't find time. But I knew WBDD is coming up so it motivated me even more that it's finally the time! And I was also very curious to finally found out my blood type/group!

Here is my first experience with blood donation and a few photos.

Ok, I was ready for this but also nervous! Before I entered I talked to myself: It's no big deal. Just do it...

First I gave my data at the reception and then moved on to laboratory. Waiting room...

... with some cool signs: maintain calm blood, just don't panic and be patient.

First they only take a little bit of blood from your finger to see if it's even suitable...

Then back to a waiting room to fill out a questionnaire. You give the form to the doctor, (s)he checks it and also your pulse. Of course you can ask questions and then move on to another doctor that gives blessing (if you can give blood). I had some laughs with both of them and immediately felt more relaxed.

In the waiting room there was also an aquarium...

with some beautiful fishes that keep me company while wating!

Then some lady came out and said I can come in. You give the papers and follow the instructions. Nothing to be afraid of really. I set down and she explained what was she doing simultaneously. She disinfected first, found the vein without a problem and stick the needle. It didn't hurt, I just felt the sting. While I was opening and closing my fist we had a small chat. I didn't felt anything what was going on. She just said that blood is flowing nicely and wola, I was done!

If you're wondering... No, I didn't look at the blood or what was going on during the process. In the past I actually passed out when I saw my blood. It was just a small cut on my finger but everything went black before my eyes so I had to lie down.

After you're done, u're entitled to a meal. Sandwich, coffee, yogurt and apple were my pick.

Dining room where you can rest for a while.

When I was sitting and munching one object caught my attention. Very old radio! Where are the times when we used audio cassettes? :) Back to nowadays. Yes. There is a wifi access in the building! :)

Oh, and you can also take a lovely pen souvenir with you.

How I feel after? Surprisingly good. My arm is still a bit heavy but otherwise I'm fine. I didn't do anything special yesterday and I'll take it easy today too. Tomorrow I'll be back on track and do some workout.

Hopefully l stay healthy and in that case, I definitely intend to donate more blood. It's a nice thing to do and if you can, why not? Pluck up the courage and do it!

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