Saturday, 29 March 2014

First Spring manicure

''Is something wrong?'' asks a friend.
Me: ''No? Why?''
''Becasue it's been a while since I last saw you wearing a nail polish.''
I laugh out loud.

As you propably know, I love nail polishes and colors so if my nails are nude friends assume that something is wrong. Funny right? If I have a lot of work I usually explain them or have same color for longer period but my nails have been totally nude for a few months now.

So what's wrong?
Well, my nails have been cracking and splitting so much I just had to do something. I guess I was over exaggerating with manicures, ingredients in nail polishes and removers can be aggressive so I just decided to give them a break. At first it was quite difficult (it was so weird to look at my nails and they were nude!) but I got over it. Also I didn't feel excited about most winter shades.

But now, colors are back and I'm happy! For my first Spring manicure I used Catrice's nail polish 540 Am I Blue Or green? Lovely pastel color. And to be honest I was a bit clumsy painting my nails because it was a while since my last manicure.

So yeey! I'm back with manicures and can't wait for more colorful Spring/Summer shades. I'm okey and hopefully my nails are and will stay that way too!

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