Friday, 25 July 2014


Clueless time!

Two weeks ago me and my better half were visiting Belgrade for the first time. The occasion was actually very special because his friend was getting married and he was groom's best man. Even though we were stressed out a bit, it was nice to concentrate on just one thing for once and hold off everything else.

We were travelling by car which only meant one thing... road trip!

It was a beautiful and sunny weekend but the road quickly became boring. There is just not that much to see when you're driving on a straight highway. Sunflower fields were gorgeous though.

Our main focus was the wedding so unfortunately we didn't have time to explore Belgrade as much as we would want to.

Nevertheless, the wedding turned out amazing! Besides saying I do and the guests there was nothing conservative or ordinary about it. The couple really put some thought into the whole concept, gave their own spin to it and it resulted in an unforgettable event.

I also loved my wedding outfit. Mint green and white high-low dress with lace and sheer details, cute bow on the back and shimmering middle part. I accessorized the look with white sandals, silver clutch, a ring, Cruciani and white bracelet, plus mint manicure and silver pedicure.

Wedding was held at one of the raft restaurants on the river. The view was beautiful and the whole atmosphere was just unique, fun and cool!

Just before the program started the sky was looking more and more grey. Luckily it wasn't a heavy storm and rain and darkness clear out quickly.

Not that it mattered but the sun came back just before the dusk while the party was just getting started! We had a blast!

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