Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Weekly health tip: Plan Your Weekly Meals

You know how it goes. New week new tip! My weekly health tip this time is to plan your weekly meals!

For me this is one of the hardest things but I'm not giving up! In the past I tought preparing your own food and planning meals it's just too stressful. The main issue is that it goes too much time. You must first find and design recipes, than cook meals. Aaaaa! There is quite a lot advanced thinking. But when you make the effort and realize how amazing it is to know what you are actually eating... worth it!

You'll eat better, healthier food, do more cooking for yourself, try new recipes and most importantly, put more thought into what you eat! You'll also save some money and you won't be seduced by other foods (you made yours and it's delicious!). If you still can't resist dining out. Eat out but just once in a week (e.g. on the day you couldn't prepare food).

I think pre prepared snacks are crucial! Because when you want to eat something in between bigger meals (lunch, dinner) it's much easier to grab a chocolate bar, a croissant or a slice of pizza instead of peeled carrots. I strongly encourage you that you always have some healthy snacks nearby (in your office, your purse, etc.). It happens to me often I'm not hungry when I go to the city but running errands can take a while and I want to eat something. I use to stop by in a bakery but now I try to always have a piece of fruit with me (or I buy it).

Some healthy snack ideas: dried fruits, nut and seed mix, banana, hard-boiled egg, cereal with greek yogurt, banana & peanut butter bites, smoothie, veggies and hummus for a dip.

There's no right way to plan your meals. You should just do what is effective for you and keep it simple. Don't exaggerate with the system and how to organize. The point is the food! You can keep it simple so don't overthink and complicate things! Who knows, maybe you'll enjoyed reading through cookbooks, clipping recipes from blogs and websites! Take this as a challenge and make it fun (not unwanted obligation)!

For lazy types. Download an application and see how it goes!

''Been there done that''
You've tried it already and it didn't go well? Give it another try! It' all about perception. If you think negatively before you've even started of course you'll gave up after a short period of time. Make it yours, make it healthy, make it fun!

So find ways to inspire yourself, plan in advance and stay fit!

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