Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th so my question to you is: are you superstitious?

I wouldn't say I'm superstitious but a few years back I thought about it and all of the things I do and I realized I'm more than I care to admit or...? I read somewhere that superstitions are habits rather than beliefs and I think that is kind of true. It' not about that I believe but more about: I notice this things so I'll just do something about them and have a better feeling...

 So what I do? I...
- knock on wood
- don't walk under ladders
- don't open umbrella indoors (it'll get dry sooner or later)
- make a wish whenever I see a shooting star or notice the time is 11:11
- smile when I shattered a glass in the kitchen (smile even more if there is no wine in it ;))
- turn horseshoe up if it's down (and of course if I can do that)
- am over the moon happy if I find four leaf clover (in general clover is one of my favourite symbols)
- get worried if I broke a mirror (yes I will buried it to negate the curse of 7 years of misery)
- move point of the knive away from me
- don't swear (too much) if there is a bird poo involved (a little poo for a happiness is a good deal)
- say 'bless you' when people sneeze, etc.

However, Fridays the 13th are usually quite good to me. Fingers crossed this one will be no different. ;) Next and the last one this year will be in October!

Do you do something like this? Feel free to share in comments below.

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  1. Zame je petek 13 srečen dan. Tak da se prav veselim naslednjega petka 13. :)