Wednesday, 23 December 2015

VSFS 2015: model overview - models

Yesterday I wrote about Angels at Victoria's secret Fashion show 2015 and here are all other models and opinion on how they did.

Before I start here are gals that I've kind of missed/would be nice to see again: Brejge Heinen, Flávia de Oliveira and Isabeli Fontana.

Cindy Bruna  (in segments Portrait of an Angel and Fireworks)
21, French. I love this girl. She had fun and looked amazing!

Barbara Fialho (in segments Exotic Butterflies and Ice Angel)
27, Brazilian. Another great year from Barbara. Great walk and she so natural.

Constance Jablonski (in segments Portrait of an Angel and Fireworks)
24, French. I think this was her best year so far. She looked like she really enjoyed it. Big like!

Izabel Goulart (in segments Portrait of an Angel and Ice Angel)
31, Brazilian. Iza still got it! Crazy toned body and the spirit. Her second walk was amzing! I love how she encourage the crowd.

Lily Donaldson (in segments Portrait of an Angel and Ice Angel)
28, British. Oh Lily <3 Always a pleasure!

Sui He (in segments Portrait of an Angel and Ice Angel)
26, Chinese. She's sweet.

Gigi Hadid (in segments Exotic Butterflies and Pink USA)
20, American. She did ok for the first time but I got the feeling she tried too hard.

Devon Windsor (in segments Pink USA and Fireworks)
21, American. Devon for me was always a pro who VS hired her and that was it. This year I think she looked more relaxed and smiled and that was nice to see.

Joan Smalls (in segments Boho Psychedelic and Fireworks)
27, Puerto Rican. She knows what she's doing. A pro. Her 2nd look was so cool :)

Josephine Skriver (in segments Boho Psychedelic and Pink USA)
22, Danish. Not a big fan of her but her Pink walk and pose was very good. Sexy. 

Maria Borges (in segments Boho Psychedelic and Fireworks)
22, Angolan. Nice job.

Ming Xi (25, Chinese) and Kendall Jenner (20, American) also had two outfits. Ming was in segments Exotic Butterflies and PINK USA and Kendall in Boho Psychedelic and Portrait of an Angel. They were both ok but didn't impress me in any way.

Leomie Anderson (in segment Boho Psychedelic) - good energy in one of the worst outfits.
Gracie Carvalho (in segment Portrait of an Angel) - pretty, nice job.
Sanne Vloet (in segment Portrait of an Angel) - natural, like!
Bruna Lirio (in segment Portrait of an Angel) - she look too young and posey.

Rachel Hilbert (in segment Pink USA) - she needs to work on her walk and poses. One of the weakest.
Leila Nda (in segment Pink USA) - confident, strong with great pose at the end of the runway. Like!
Yumi Lambert (in segment Pink USA) - cutey.
Sharam Diniz (in segment Ice Angel) - solid.

Megan Puleri (in segment Pink USA) - ok.
Maud Welzen (in segment Pink USA) - she's been a Pink model for a while and that is ok because she looks so young.
Bridget Malcolm (in segment Pink USA) - my favorite new girl! Love the walk, the attitude, really cool!

Vita Sidorkina (in segment Portrait of an Angel) - cute.
Jacquelyn Jablonski (in segment Portrait of an Angel) - one again, a solid job.
Shanina Shaik (in segment Exotic Butterflies) - a bit disappointing this year. I don't know...
Magdalena Frackowiak (in segment Exotic Butterflies) - also good as always.

Bottom row. 
Flavia Lucini (in segment Portrait of an Angel) - she looks a bit too old and boney.
Pauline Hoarau (in segment Exotic Butterflies) - she looks way to young.
Daniela Braga (in segment Exotic Butterflies) - bljah. Fake pose. Didn't like her.
Valery Kaufman (in segment Exotic Butterflies) - sweet, like.

Overall, I liked it better when angels had 3 outfits and not that many models had two looks (and wings!). VS doesn't have that many strong/leading girls right now if you ask me but I think models in general were quite strong this year and because of them many outfits came to life even though they weren't that good.

Which model(s) are your favorite and/or stood out to you?

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