Thursday, 17 December 2015

VSFS 2015: Segment 4 - PINK USA

The next segment at 2015 Victoria's secret Fahion Show was PINK USA!

Omg! I lost all hope in this segment and I don't care if it stays in the program or not. The last time PINK segment was any good it was in 2008! Where are the times when underwear was comfy and fun with a little twist not all costumy and plasatic. Bljah bljah bljah!

Taylor Hill

 Rachel Hilbert

 Megan Puleri

Yumi Lambert

Maud Welzen

Ming Xi

Leila Nda

Bridget Malcolm

Gigi Hadid

Josephine Skriver

Devon Windsor

Favorite PINK USA look: are you kidding me?
Favorite PINK USA wings: no, seriously!

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