Wednesday, 9 December 2015

VSFS 2015 review

Ladies and gentlemen, here are my first impressions of Victoria's Secret  Fashion Show 2015!

I'm underwhelmed. Overall this was one of the worst VSFS. For me the best shows were from 2005 till 2007, show in Miami (2008) wasn't my cup of tea but the lingerie was amazing, in 2009 things got a bit messy and I didn't like many things. From 2010 shows were so-so, some better, some worse but still solid. Unfortunately this year is bad on most important parts :(

And I'm not the only one who is not happy. Ratings were not that great. First info says that there was a huge loss of watching VSFS in adults 18-49 and in total viewership. VS should only blame themselves.

Behati's opening (second time in a row) was solid, I've seen better but you know I love Bee so I will say good job girl! You rock!

We've seen six segments:  
Boho Psychedelic 
Portrait of an Angel
Exotic Butterflies
Pink USA 
Ice Angel  
and the finale, Fireworks

I'll go into details in further posts and share more comments about each segment but in general I've have never seen so messy looks in the segments. The only one that look good as a whole was Ice Angel and maybe also Exotic Butterflies.

They have recycled so many outfits. Most outfits looked familiar. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. All I'm saying is that because of that, looks don't look as fresh and exciting as they were in tha past. Kudos to most models that still looked amazing in awful outfits.

Wings also lost there magic. Too many wings! Not every model should get them. Period. Angels used to be an exclusive title, and I really don't feel that it is anymore.

Once again, the ending was nothing big or special. If I hadn't known this was an anniversary show I would have never noticed it.

RUNWAY: I miss glittery runway with more magical details/props so much. I'm not saying visuals are not good. Even more, I think who ever did visuals this year, did a very very good job. Especially sweet was to see some extra effort like snowing and props in the hall.

What a disappointment those videos were. Some similar we've seen before, some were quite boring, some ridiculous and fake. Selfies? Gigi? Wtf! Why?

Considering it's a 20th anniversary - I expected more about that. And helloo, you have new girls that are Angels. They were not promoted as much as they should have been. And you see in those videos, there is not the effort like in the past. You know what. Not only effort, I miss authenticity.

Where are Karlie Kloss, Doutzen Kroes and Lindsay Ellingson? Who knows right? Like most VS Angels, they are just gone. Who cares about goodbyes when you hire social media gals like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This strategy makes me sick. I remember times where they cast unknown lovely girls and you were like - wooo, who is she? Among these girls are also Behati and Candice, who are now the biggest models for VS.

Nevertheless... I'll publish posts about models separately but first reactions are:
- Ale, Adriana, Bee and Candice are the rock stars of VS (love them all!) and I think that when they leave, I'll too...
- Most improved girl for me is Jasmine Tookes! She just blossomed and gain confidence or something. Loved her!
- Sara Sampaio - that girl impressed me right away in 2013 and she's just getting more amazing. My fav new Angel for sure.
- Cindy Bruna had this amazing energy and had fun. Loved her!
- New Angels Taylor Hill, Romee Strijd and Kate Grigorieva were good too!
- I'm so not impressed by the new Angel Stella Maxwell. Not only I don't like her look but her walk and poses were horrendous!
- Sorry guys but there were a few girls that just looked too young to be on the runway: Kendall Jenner, Pauline Hoarau and Valery Kaufman stood out for me. I just don't think they are there yet or they should be in PINK segment. They look like teen girls that borrowed a woman's outfit.
- PINK girls: I see you Megan Puleri! ;)

Performances by Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were all very good and I'm really happy about them. They were on stage but not taken over the stage, they sounded good and we didn't saw them too much. And that is good because I always say - focus should be on MODELS!

I'll comment more about the looks and the models in posts that will follow. And also if I forgot to mention something... :)
Thank you for reading!

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