Monday, 20 June 2016

5th blog anniversary!

Summer is officially here (I just can't look outside because it's raining:))! And that's not all! Today it's 5 years since I started to write this blog!

I remember back than how I wanted to write for so long but I haven't had the courage. After some encouragement I found the name - Somewhere I Belong. Not only is the song of Linkin Park (the band that I like ver much) but it also spoke to me. The blog will be my place, somewhere I can go to and just write. In blog name I added Arya and if you're thinking about Arya Stark, you're right. The series has begun that year and she was my favourite character right away. Also name itself is pretty and it kind of became me second name. So the name was born and I started with posts. At first I wrote about many things and had a lot of random stuff published.

Than I focus on red carpet and celebrity looks, etc. but since day one this has been about movies and me expressing my thoughts. Beside film reviews I would like to share with you my opinion on things in movies in future column I'm preparing, called ''Let's talk about movies'' and maybe share with you actors that I noticed and hoping that the future is bright for them... ideas keep popping but with job and 'having a life'... I'm doing the best I can. And don't worry, this won't be the only topic I'll write.

In the future I will definitely try to do things the way I like it. Honestly, I miss more authenticity and real opinions these days. With all due respect to all - but lately I feel so many people are doing similar things (on blogs and in life). And not always for love or the joy of it but for the money or feeling that they are now in(to) fashion, beauty, have a big following, etc. I know things now are working in that way but it was never my intention to just be fashion blogger or something that sells. I feel like real things aren't important because people will only like photos of food, make up and artifical stuff. Real issues are not photogenic... noooo, I won't go there today! ;)

And despite many things have changed in the last 5 years, I'm proud this blog remains independent, clean and not for advertising purposes. Big thanks to everyone who is reading this blog (regularly or just sometimes). And special thanks to people who supported me from day 1 and always have my back. I love you!

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