Sunday, 5 June 2016

Happy World Environment Day 2016

Today is World Environment Day!

WED day was created to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. This year's theme is "fight against the illegal trade in wildlife” and Angola is the host country. Want to learn more? Read HERE.

I find it scary, sad but mostly upsetting when I see how people are ignorant and arrogant when it comes to nature and environment. Everybody would love to enjoy it's beauty but when you need to do something for it... so many just don't care. What angers me the most is when I hear/see attitude towards nature.  And than they are issues like with trash. I don't understand (and never will) how some people just throw trash wherever they feel like it. So irresponsible. I could go on and on about the attitude but this is not the point. I want to encourage you to do something about it. Small things like this are big things.

Of course you can't do everything but you can start somewhere. In our household we recycle, use reusable shopping bag, turning off the electricity, close water during shampooing, donate old clothes, etc. I try not to consume and buy stuff just because (I use to spend too much money on shitty cosmetics and clothes)... Yesterday we supported recycling' campaign that is organized by Society for the protection of animals Ljubljana DZZŽ (a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable, voluntary organization) and they annually collect old paper this time of the year. Next action like this will be on October 1st (just before World Animal Day). Yesterday they were also selling goodies (also unique ones made by volunteers) and all the money went for a good cause.


And I want to also share this. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that before New Year we planted lemon.

And here are they now, half year later. Cool right? If you have a chance to have your own garden I think you should. Or support local.

Please remember that you can do so much! And it's not enough just to like photos/links/articles that stand for environment but you need to take action! I hope you will. ;)

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