Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday inspiration: dogs

Don't look so surprise and just think about it. Aren't dogs awesome? Of course they are. And we can learn so much from them. They are for sure a source of inspiration for me.

They are enthusiastic, fun, loyal and loving. I always say the world would be better if people had hearts like dogs. They don't care what is your profession, how much money do you make, what are you wearing... they just want your company. And food. :) They don't judge you, they appreciate the little things (a simple word like "walk" can made their day) and they always find a new way to make us laugh. They eyes are pure and don't lie, they can lift your spirit right away and for a moment you can forget everything. And they are soft cuddling buddies. I could go on but you get the point...

And as you know, canines make excellent service companions when trained properly - service dog (assistants to individuals with disabilities), therapy dog, working dog, police dog, etc. I'm always fascinated on what they can do!

Since I was a kid I wanted a dog and we always had one but it was never really just mine. I hope in a next few years my big wish will came true! Paws crossed!

Do you have a dog? Is s(he) sleeping on your lap or wants your atenttion right now? Go ahead: play with the dog and/or pet him.

P.S. Slovenian readers can find some dog quotes here.

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