Friday, 15 July 2016

Happy birthday - Diane Kruger (40)

Happy 40th birthday to still one of my favorite ladies Diane Kruger!

I love her more and more because she speaks her mind and is involved in films not only because of the money. Recently she said: “What studios are producing is not really all that interesting to me anymore. I feel like television has taken over so much that there’s a whole new platform for actors and talent to grow.

She also shared her beauty secrets with The New York Times!“I’m probably more European in my thinking because of where I grew up: the ‘less is more’ philosophy,” Diane expressed. “My sunscreen habit is from living in L.A., though I don’t like to be tan like some of the people there. And when I go to New York, all the women are so on top of it. They have their dermatologists they see for this and that. I can’t keep up. I don’t even pluck my brows.

Can't wait to see her in The Infiltrator!

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