Tuesday, 5 August 2014

27 things about me

By now you already know I don't have Birthdays (I level up!:)). So on this occasion I am giving away 27 things about me (that you probably don't know)!

01. I always unpack first when I get home from a vacation (and it doesn't matter what time we arrive home).

02. I hate watching films/tv series in separate parts (e.g. half of the movie today, half tomorrow). The point for me is to watch it as a whole, continuously and get into the film's mode.

03. In one of my parallel universes I live among wolves. I believe that the wolf is my spiritual animal and I've felt a strong connection with them ever since I was little.

04. I have mixed feelings when it comes to sea and swimming. I like to swim but I don't feel comfortable under water or swimming far away from the shore. Even a tought of being on a ship on open waters and not seeing coastline freaks me out. I love the sea, the climate and everything but only when I have my feet on the ground!

05. When I was younger I had to wear short hair, a lot of girly clothes (lace, dresses) and pink color even though I hated it! So that resulted quite oppositely because I was definitely a tomboy. I would wear brother's clothes, play with cars, climb trees, wanted to play in a band, watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rambo etc. Actually my trauma and reluctance towards pretty dresses and pink color lasted until only a few year ago.

06. I hate getting sick and feeling sick and hospitals and all of that!

07. A few things from my bucket list: skydiving, go to Comic Con, learn another new language, see the Northern Lights, plant a tree, publish a book, take flamenco dance classes, go or organize a costume party and dress up as one of my favorite characters, etc.

08. I get easily obsessed with quizzes like Which 'Friends' Character Are You? There are so much fun so setting myself a time limit is crucial!

09. I used to chew gum nonstop but now I much rather take a mint drop.

10. My eyes are ultra sensitive to (sun)light. I need total darkness in the bedroom because I sense every tiny light (from computer, wi-fi) so all gadgets needs to be switched off or covered. And yes I sleep with a sleeping mask.

11. I have this weird fear of (parking) boom barriers. It's not a big deal if I'm in the car (but I also don't feel good about it). If I'm on foot and the boom barrier is up... I'll definitely go around it, not underneath.

12. I use the public transport but I would go mad without my mp4.

13. I love to draw with charcoal and paint with tempera colors. I don't draw well but with charcoal almost everything looks good! Meanwhile painting is more about colors and abstract motives. I also like to colour (it relaxes me).

14. I love Top Gear and cool cars. I'm not an expert or anything, I just enjoy some aspects and how they look. It's more entertainment than anything else. I like old American cars (cadillacs <3), SUVs and more rough design cars. My top 5 picks right now would be: a yellow Chevrolet Camaro (fifth generation), matte black Lamborghini Aventador, 1967 Ford Mustang, Land Rover 110 Defender and a cute little MINI (Morris Mini Cooper).

15. Some concert I've been to: Linkin Park, Coldplay, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, The Killers, Paul Gilbert, Dream Theater, Slash.

16. If I could I would definitely travel more.

17. I'm quite good with technology but nothing can beat a piece of paper and a pen. I never leave home without them! You never know when some cool groovy idea is going to occur.

18. I love animals and feel no mercy for people who harm them on purpose. In times of natural catastrophes my toughts are usually: ''What about the animals?'' Of course I sympathise with people but animals like pets and livestock are kind of left to themselves.

19. The thing that really annoys me: when food is freshly cooked and ready to eat but I have to wait for someone or something and the food is getting cold.

20. Foods that always make me happy: banana, ice cream, nacho, dark chocolate, chicken, pie.

21. Accessory! I love to wear rings, bracelets and scarves. A cool pair of sunglasses and a hat are also nice! Meanwhile I'm more picky when it come to necklaces. It depends on how fitting it is (I don't like them too tight) and how I feel. Sadly I don't wear earrings. I tried about three times but it always ended with fester.

22. If I had more time I would read more.

23. I own a boat (still one of the best presents ever - Slovenian readers can find more about it here)!

24. I always need to add my personal touch to things. You know I adore the notebooks, calendars, folders, etc. I just like to be creative and make it my own. Even when it comes to more serious matters I take my own spin on it. E.g. when I was defending my thesis and I was all suit up and serious, I still had to have something more fun with me. In that case that was Batman's pen :)

25. I love to write (old school)! When I was freshman in college I missed all the writing we did in high school! If I lived in medieval times my profession would be rewriting books.

26. I like to sniff things and friends used to laugh at me because of that. I don't know from where it comes from and I guess it looks silly but I just use more sences you know :) Not only I smell food but also random stuff.

27. I used to play a synthesizer.

Hope you've learned something new! Thanks for reading!

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