Saturday, 23 August 2014

Under the sea

As a blue addict I was so excited about Essence LE Aquatix collection!

I got all three shades I was hoping for: 03 Aquatix bay (the caribbean sand effect), 04 Under the sea (the holo effect) and 06 Under water love (the ocean sand). Because I was very busy and had no time for full manicure (till today) I just swatch them quickly.

It was not hard to decide which one I liked most. That would be Under the sea. Love the grey-silver color and the effect. Easy to apply (only one coat) and very pretty. Meanwhile Under water love seems a bit heavy and dark but I still like it a lot. Aquatix Bay was my least favorite. Too much glitter everywhere and you need to apply at least two coats.

What's your favorite from the collection?

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