Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Emmys 2014 recap

Here are some of mine thoughts on Emmys 2014.

Seth Meyers was nothing more but ok. The opening monologue was good but other than that... forced jokes and so many times I had the feeling he is only reading from teleprompter.

The show itself was nothing special and I definitely expected more (e.g. skits, more fun and creativity).

Sara Bareilles performed a version of Nat King Cole‘s classic song Smile as images of those who passed flashed across the screen. Beautiful.

Meanwhile “Weird Al” Yankovic performed a medley of television show theme songs and parodied. Not impressed.

No one really blew my mind but Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Ty Burrell were my favorite for sure.

Billy Crystal took to the stage to pay touching tribute to his longtime friend Robin Williams. Nice.

Like I've already mentioned, I was so thrilled for Breaking Bad, Bryan, Aaron and the writers. They deserve it! Also Ty and Mondern Family winning the fifth Emmy for outstanding comedy series! Then of course Sherlock, Benedict and Martin! Ok, Matt Bomer was great as well but I can't say I'm not happy for Martin! And seeing The Normal Heart win was a great moment too!

- I liked the intro with tv series mix but I wish there would be more of that (not only nominated tv shows but all kind of shows that we watch).

- I love Sofia Vergara but the skit where she spins and do some modeling poses while Academy of Television Arts & Sciences president Bruce Rosenblum is giving a speech was totally unnecessary and weird.

- I wish Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were there.

And you? How did you like this year's Emmys?

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