Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Hi guys!

I'm sorry for my misterious disappearance. It was not that misterious but I did disappear. Not on vacation unfortunately :) Unexpectedly I had so much work that I couldn't prepare any posts. I also worked on some new ideas and novelties I'll include on this blog.

One of them is actually happening right now. I decided to start a new topic called 'Clueless' where I will occasionaly (every one or two weeks) publish random thoughts. I have a lot to say and comment but I don't even manage to do that properly on social media. Instagram and Twitter are the best but I still like to enjoy the moment. So I'm going to write about stuff like what series am I watching and how I feel about them at this moment, comment on some celebrity gossip, what's on my mind and so on. You'll get to know me better through this kind of articles as well.

Why clueless?
Firstly because I had no idea how to address this offtopic post :) Secondly because it'll be just random babble about stuff on my mind and I've no clue what exactly I'll share with you.

Let my gibberish begin!
Last week Top Gear Live was in Zagreb (140 km from Ljubljana). I was so bummed I couldn't go :( Next time right?

Next thing blew my mind! Gordon fuc**** Ramsay started following me on Instagram and Twitter! I was freaking out! You know he's my inspiration and I just couldn't believe it! So cool!

Many people are saying how empty summer time is without tv series and I'm like: Are you kidding me? Pretty Little Liars are on, also Hell's Kitchen and American Ninja Warrior. A while back I started watching Scandal, True Detective and Switched at Birth, I still haven't seen all the episodes of The Killing and House of Cards... I still haven't seen some other tv shows that have been around and I would love to catch up. If I name only three: Orange is the New Black, The Newsroom and Orphan Black. Then there are also bunch of new ones I would love to give a shot e.g. Penny Dreadful, The Leftovers, Tyrant, Legends, MarriedChasing Life... Nothing to choose from? I don't think so :)

Btw. I found the tv show Switched at Birth kind of inspiring. Beside all the typical drama, I learned some things about deafness and would actually like to learn the sign language (at least the basics).

And ladies on American Ninja Warrior stepped up this year. Very nice!

World Cup. I'm a big fan of Oranje (Netherlands) since forever (I cried like a baby at Euro 2000 when they lost against Italy after penalty kicks). Can't wait for today's match! And my better half visited Holland last week for business and brought back some delicious cheeses and chocolates. Yum!

Mondays are killing me. This one had a beautiful date 07/07/14 but it was just the worst! Everything was falling apart. I just need bright colors on days like this... and ice cream ;)

I love spending my time with an awesome friend! She's great and we can talk without a problem for hours! We use to meet up for drinks but come to realize it's better to be active! Walks in nature are almost therapeutic!

Shopping can be so tiring and frustrating! As finding the perfect dress wasn't challenging enough (and I really need it), shops have gone mad! Every other shop has music playing so loud I can't even hear myself. So repelling. How can I ask for help when I have to scream to employee? And with air-conditioning turned up so high that I feel it in my bones. Blaaah!

This is it for now and I hope u'll enjoy this kind of posts.

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