Monday, 14 July 2014

Weekly health tip: Focus on YOUrself!

Today is all about YOU! My next healthy tip is that you focus your energy on yourself!

Group of women at work are constantly gossiping about others and you are kind of in that circle as well. The girl in school can run marathons but you're not quite there. Your neighbour has a bigger car. So what? You should not compare yourself to others and lose energy on some things or people that don't matter!

You’re responsible for your own well being and liking yourself gives you power and strength. You don't have to please everybody and you don't need to do things that are stressing you out. When you like yourself the way you are, people will feel that and like it! Stand up for yourself and speak your mind (you can do that nicely). Also when you know who you are you are less vulnerable to other opinions.

Don’t take yourself for granted, focus on yourself, what is good for you (that doesn't mean being ignorant and careless) and appreciate yourself!

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