Monday, 18 August 2014

Weekly health tip: Don't compare yourself others!

This time my weekly health tip to you is not to compare yourself to others.

I'm sure sometimes you're like: (s)he is the same age as me and already a CEO, has family, money, good car, etc. So what? It's ridiculous to think we all have the same goals and want the same future! Still, we all compare ourselves to others at some point in our lives when in fact we really don't need to. Don't be fooled by magazines, social expectations and people who really don't care about you!

Because it's an emotionally dangerous trap! Learning from others is an important part of critical decision making but the problem is that comparisons can affect negatively on your self-image and become an unhealthy habit. There are many reasons why comparisons are lame. They are always unfair, rob you of precious time, they often result in resentment and deprive us of joy. It's a losing battle. Negative emotions are toxic and you're worth more than that!

First recognize that comparing yourself to others is not good for your spirit! Realize that everybody is different and be confident with being yourself! Yes you'll probably get weird, jealous, unapproved looks but who cares (people will judge you eather way)? It's your future and your only life so don't be afraid to live it! Focus on yourself (click)! Discover what’s truly important to you and invest your energy on your own creative journey!

And if you need to someone to compare to, compare yourself to you!

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