Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Summer of 2015, part I - Lugano, Switzerland

Summer will soon be over. In a way it already is over but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Something about Autumn is so magical and it's my favorite season but on the other hand, I really don't like short days. And the cold. Jajks! But I'm looking forward to new challenges and goals...

I want to share with you some of my photos from our summer vacation. No need to say we had an amazing time. It was our first vacation since a year and a half (YEAR AND A HALF!!) so we were enjoying every minute of it! We started our trip in Ljubljana, our first destination was Campione d'Italia, lake Lugano, Switzerland.

When we came to our apartment it was lovely sunny and the view of lake Lugano was beautiful. We explored the area and had our first cocktails in Switzerland.

One day we spent in Andermatt. My love really want me to see this beautiful place and Gotthard Pass, a mountain pass in the Alps but the weather was just not cooperating with us. On the other side the fog scattered and the view was amazing. The road was also amazing, Andermatt is breathtaking and I finally ate my first Swiss Rösti! Yum!

You know I love supercars so this vacation I really had something to see. In two weeks I've seen so many expensive luxury cars that I can't believe it! But not only seeing them outside the salons, on the streets (yet it's easier to snap a picture when they're not moving:)). Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, etc. and of course, my favorite - Lamborghini. OMG, they exist (not only in pictures and on Top Gear:P)!

Back to the nature. We also walked to Devil's Bridge. Stunning! How people made this? And all the tunnels and majestic mountains. The air... Aaaaaaaaaaa! Scary and awesome and speechless at the same time.

Was the weather going back any better you ask? Not much better but I've seen at least something now :)

One of the things I love to observe while travelling are also traffic signs. Funny/interesting/different ones of course! :)

And a few pictures from Lugano city after rain.

Evenings were a lot of fun too ;)

One of the things I learned about this trip is that taking pictures is nice and everything, they evoke memories when you watch them, but the real beauty is in the moment, in the air, on the streets and these moments really can't be captured. And the view is so much more than it's shown on one picture.

Note to myself: Enjoy in the moment even more and take less pictures!

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  1. kako lepo... Nikoli še nisem bila v Švici. Tako narava, kot mesta in avtomobili se zdijo čudoviti..Tudi jaz poleg grafitov, rada slikam znake :D