Thursday, 24 September 2015

Summer of 2015, part II - Cannes

Here is my second part of this year's summer vacation. If you missed first one click here.

Our journey continued in Cannes. We stayed in this beautiful stylish little studio <3

Can you guess what is this picture below on the left side with Marilyn Monroe on it? :)

What to say about Cannes? Firstly I enjoyed the little things related to movies on almost every corner. Aaaaaa, so cool! Sometimes too commercialized but still... I will also say I've never seen so many fancy boutiques in one place... Chanel, Chopard, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, etc. Walking on La Croisette is just crazy! And the luxurious hotels, casions, even more jaw dropping cars... And the yachts! The world I've never seen before for sure!

But it's not all red carpet, pretty palm trees, amazing seaside and glamour. This is just one side. Most people look normal and you can find poverty also. For me the biggest shock was when we were having a beer outside the irish pub and around the corner they came three fully armed soldiers. A friend who lives in Paris told us about tighter control since Charlie Hebdo but it's still different when you experiance it for yourself.

This owner must really love his Lambo! I would too :)

How cool is this banana on the beach? Perfect beach for me!

Omg! Rolls-Royce Phantom! Live!

No need to say that the nights with full moon were so beautiful...

I don't write about food and drinks here because I review things on Tripadvisor but if you like or are interested in something - just ask ;)
Because we love irish pubs we had to visit all three that we found. And let me tell you... Guinness in two pubs was so watery! Bljah! The best one was The Quay's. And we decided we will try shots of the week. It was some drink that smelled like chewing gum. But it was actually quite tasty :)

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