Monday, 30 November 2015

Adele - Album 25

Hello, it's me :)

I'm so happy and have been waiting for some new good music for some time... and it's finally here! Adele's new album called 25 it's just A-MAZING!

Hello it's a first single and I don't mind if it plays everywhere. I love it! Her BBC special was great as well. She also sang Skyfall which is my favorite Bond song ever!

Back to her new album. At the moment my favorite song from album is Remedy but I also like When we were young, Send my love (to your new lover) and Water under the bridge very very much! Honestly for any of other songs on album, I can't say I don't like them. The are all good!

Gosh I love her voice, the richness of it, the lyrics and the soul that is in those songs. And I think it's brave and cool that she sings different song when she appears on tv shows and interviews. Aaaaa! I just can't stop raving about her. Hope to see her in the concert next year!

Thank you for your music Adele!

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