Monday, 2 November 2015

Almost time to say goodbye...

Can you believe that two months from now will already be year 2016! Crazy right?

November 1st is behind us and so very soon all stores and places will be decorated for holidays. Yay!? It's so stange how many things can change in just one year... Some things for better, some for worse... Time really flies! So many wishes, goals and dreams and so little time to do them all.

Since is almost the end of the year... Did you check you bucket list lately? Or goals for this year? Are you satisfied with the things you've done? If not... you still have 2 months!

I did some things from my list but not nearly enough! I guess it's always place for one more thing for next year? :)

Lately I have mixed feelings of some things and thinking a lot. Of course there is good stuff too and I am grateful for that but on the other hand I'm not very happy with an area of my life. And this area is not small and than it also intervene with other areas. Not cool... At times I wish I could just go and figure those things out. You know what you have to do but... easier said than done!

Oh well. At least for now it's still Autumn and I can eat a lot of pies! ;)

Wish you a powerful end of this year!

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