Sunday, 28 February 2016

Who cares about Oscars?

Who really cares about Academy Awards right? Everybody. Nobody. Are they such a big deal? No. Yes.

We watch them because they are the highest movie award. For who? For most people in the business? For mainstream? For media? For...

This year finally the diversity conversation was raised. I feel sorry for nominees because it would be nice to focus on movies but topic of diversity is more important. The lack of diversity among nominees didn't surprise me. It just shows the state of mind in Hollywood. It makes me sad and angry at the same time when I watch US films. It's all about white and usually male actors (thing are changing but slowly). Because no other races exsist. I find it most funny in movies where white people go somewhere in Asia or Afica but they mostly meet people who are also white. What a coincidence? I just don't get it really. And not only black actors. We have Latino actors, Asian actors, etc. Their representation of Hollywood is clear. Of course it is racis. What, no one is not good enough? Come on. Let's vote for white actors but we can still get the black host right?

On the other hand things now can go in a different direction. I don't want e.g. that black actor gets a nomination just so that they are represented even though there were better performances by white actor. And I don't wish that other races get some nomination just so Hollywood doesn't feel bad, if the things in films stay the same. If that will be the case, we've done nothing.

And than you return to beginning. (S)he has an Oscar. So what? It is just an award, an object. If you have fans, people who love your movies and respect your work, your artistry - that is in my opinion the highest award you can get. I don't know one person who would in conversation say something like: ''Yes, (s)he is an amazing actor/actress but she never won an Oscar.'' Because in the end of the day you love the movies, the people and they are legends and amazing if they have some award or not. Is James Dean an icon? Yes. Did he win an Oscar? No. And so many other stunning actresses/actors haven't won Oscar but they don't need to just because. We know they are awesome. Johnny Depp, Sigourney Weaver, Glenn Close, Tom Cruise, Edward Norton, Gary Oldman, Amy Adams, etc.

And I don't want to soud rude but some Oscar winners got lucky that season with one movie and that was pretty much all because we don't see them much.

I guess me and many other people got upset because at the end of the day we care for Oscars. They in fact represent the industry that we still love and it's about time to see more diversity.

Coming up next... My predictions and hopes for Oscar winners 2016.

Photos by @TheAcademy twitter account.

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