Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hello Arya calendar 2016-2017

Hello November! Let me introduce you to my new calendar/notebook for year 2016-2017!

For 10th year in the row I bought Cosmo magazine with calender in it and make it my own. This year the theme was coloring and it looked quite nice but I only left a few original pages because I don't believe I will have time to colour them. I have a colouring book The Mindfulness Colouring Book and only color time to time. Of course most pages are filled with commercials that of course I had to cover.

No, it can't stay Cosmo calendar ;) Last year was fab and this year's it's amazing ;)

Pages on the inside are coverd with things that inspires me and I realte to. From quotes, movies, traveling, nature, sports, etc.

Autumn got especially good treatment because I love it so much.

Like always I adjust photos based on seasons, holidays...

... or when some movies, tv series are coming out.

Summer is more about freedom, bright colours, seaside...

But the are also some pages that stayed the same.

And a little sneak peek in pages where there are only small pictures.

Even though it takes me quite some time to do it, it's worth it! It makes me joy for the whole year!

Interested in my old notebook calenders? You can check them: 15-16, 14-15, 13-14, 12-13, 11-12 and 10-11.

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  1. Vidim da že leta, od kar te spremljam, obvladaš tale planer. :) Pred časom si mi tak "predala" ta navdih, da sem si nekaj časa tudi jaz tako "poosebljala" svoje planerje, zdaj pa ga že nekaj časa ne koristim. Pravzaprav ga, vendar ne v fizični obliki. Začela sem uporabljati koledar oz. planer na telefonu, kjer lahko do njega dostopam vsepovsod in je vedno z mano. Sem se "modernizirala", bi se lahko reklo... vendar pa občudujem tvojo voljo in vsak izmed njih je že leta unikat! Bravo Arya! :)