Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Young Pope (TV Series 2016)

Have you seen new tv series The Young Pope?

If not I think you definitelly should because it's amazing! Tv show just ended with first season that had 10 episodes.

Jude Law stars as Pope Pius XIII (born Lenny Belardo), the newly elected Pope. Nobody knows how did he win and at first you don't have a clue what Pope is really like and what will this tv show be about... but by the third episode you are hooked. It's soooo good... extravagant, original, provocative, interesting and enjoyable. I didn't expected that for sure!

Jude portrayal is amazing and supporting cast is brilliant as well.

The plot, the writing and the cinematography are beyond good. And the music in the show is great (especially this one and the one in intro). Oooh, did I mentioned I love the intro of the show! Trailer below! Watch it! 5-/5

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