Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday inspiration: my brother

Did you come from work today and all motivation that you felt in the morinig just vanished? I know the feeling. Mondays can be hard but so are you! Research has shown that Monday is the best day to start a diet or start a new goal! So chin up, put some music on, go outside and do your own thing. It's not easy but you'll feel amazing afterwards!

I found inspiration in many things and people (celebrities and people around me) and one of them is for sure my big brother. He started running years ago and got stronger and stronger. First 10 kilometers was a big deal, than half marathon, than marathon, than he also stared with uphill running and than ultramaratons. On Saturday he did it again and finished 100 miles of Istria – The biggest croatian trail race. Woooow, crazy man I know!:)

What I respect more than any of this competition accomplishments is his workout schedule and persistence. He works full time 8 hours job and has a dog and still makes time for running. And he remains humble in a way he talks and loves running in general. He helped me when I first stared running and gave me some smart tips and he was always nothing but encouraging me. I think this is pretty special! And he did it all by himself. We don't come from generation of sports family.

Congrats bro! Keep on goin'! ;)

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  1. Waw to pa je dosežek in zelo inspirajoče! Čestitke tudi z moje strani :)