Monday, 26 October 2015

Arya calendar 2015-2016

Tadaaaaa! Here it is! My new calendar/planner/notebook for 2015-2016!

For the 9th time in a row I bought Cosmo calendar and make it my own of course! :)

I printed many photos that I liked, cut them and than the hardest part - selection!

The cover this year was very nice so I only put fabulous on it!

This year I decdided to do less collages because it's hard to cover everthing so I picked bigger photos. Themes are different but of course all related to me and things I love - movies, writing, Ireland, love, animals, etc. I made some mistakes but that's ok. I used to be obsessed with the idea that everything must be perfect but now I see the beauty and work in these mistakes. And I only left a few pages like there were, two I think.

I also put little photos in to make it more colorful.

It's hard to pick my favorite pages but I guess I would say these ones.

I love it and it was once again worth the effort!

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