Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Summer of 2015, part IV - Monaco, Pisa, Florance

Here it is. The last part of our summer vacation 2015... In case you missed first three posts: part I, part II and part III.

Monaco was very very nice and impressive. And with even more luxurious cars and yachts we've seen in Cannes. The city is really lovely and I wish we could stay here a day or two more. My favorite moment was driving around Monte Carlo F1 track. I don't know if I ever mentioned but I was a huge F1 fan when I was younger. My passionate self came alive and it was so exciting to see the F1 marks and the tunnel. Aaaaaa, so cool!

For the end of our journey we visit Pisa. I'm going to be honest. We've been staying in all these picture 'perfect' neat cities, so coming to Pisa was a bit weird. We planned only to see most popular sights. Leaning Tower was amazing to see. Any yes, we did all the typical poses :)

One our way back we stop by in Florance. I can only say: woooow (jaw drop)! What a breathtaking architecture! It's so amazing and inspiring. You can just put your phone away and admire it because it's hard to get the whole picture in the shot. We'll definitely come back for a few days to see more of it. Just beautiful! The only annoying thing - too much people!

So this is it. Our awesome vacation from summer of 2015! Happy and grateful for new amazing adventure <3

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