Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Create Your own All Star Sneakers or Custom Shoes

If your're a big Converse All Star fan, you might like this. On Converse's webside you can create your own sneakers!

You can buy them in all known classical colours...

...or you can put your flavor to them! You can design them your way or have some fun with graphic editions!

When you decide what kind of All Star sneakers you would like, just click go and then choose. For example in Space Edition you can select between four different designs and than you play around with colours. You choose everything! From lace colour, eyelet, sidewall, backstay to stiches.

I fell in love with this galaxy sneakers that I found on web, so I try to create something similar.

Honestly I tried few things but nothing is so beautiful and cool than this one in the picture above. And when you're finished you simply save your creation or you can share it.

Nevertheless, you can have your own fun and create something you fancy!

Another really cool side is also milk&honey, where you can create your own pumps, flats, sandals, booties etc. But of course, custom shoes will cost you 'a bit' more!


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  1. Haha, sploh nism ugotovila, da je tole v angleščini..se mi je zdelo, da berem v slovenščini :) očitn kar samodejno preklopim :P
    Dobra odločitev drgač, da si začela v angleščini..Tudi mene že nekaj časa mika, ampak mislim, da bom še malo počakala..Čeprav po drugi strani bi bilo pa super, če bi jo čimprej začela uporabljat in jo s tem vadila..