Friday, 22 March 2013

Phillip Phillips - The World from the Side of the Moon album

Previous month I finally got a chance to listen The World from the Side of the Moon album from last year's American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. I think he was amazing throughout the whole show and I'm so happy that debut album is awesome as well. I love his unique voice, his style and most of all music that he creates. On the album you can find upbeat songs and romantic melodies with 'PP style'.

I honestly like all of the songs from the album, but one of my favorites at the moment are: Drive Me, Wanted is Love and Gone, Gone, Gone (which is also his second single; first was very successful Home). And I must also add that I really like his cover songs Wicked Game and Thriller. My favorite male American Idol winner!

Music video for Gone, Gone, Gone.

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